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The story of my life

Een tijdje geleden moest ik voor Engels een paper schrijven over hoe ik mijn toekomst zie,

misschien wel eens leuk om op mijn blog te plaatsen.


After we’ve received this assignment, I started to think about myself: What is my motivation, my drive? What is my ambition in life? What do I want to accomplish?


I came to the conclusion, that I’m not really an ambitious girl.

I see myself as more of a helper, I want to help and support other people to reach their professional goals.

Do I put myself in the shadows of other people then? I don’t think so, I think it’s important or even more important to support other people, than to do it by yourself. Without support nobody can ever reach their goals.

A perfect example of this is a tree, a tree can only grow, because its environment allows it. Only a good environment that supports the tree gives it a change to grow.




In business life, I have seen the shadow side of ambition, people who are very ambitious often forget to enjoy life itself. “Life is a gift, and you should embrace it every day!”

That’s why I think it’s better to work under your intellectual level, than above, because if you work a little bit under your level, it will give you more opportunities to enjoy your life, less stress and more quality-time. While if you are working above your level you will always feel a lack, a missing, because you will never be good enough.


Do I’ have goals in my life? And is it important to have a goal in your life? Are people with a goal happier then people without a goal? And is it the reach of your goal or the journey to your goal that gives you the most satisfaction?




A lot of questions and only a few answers. Maybe I feel safe knowing that I don’t have a strict destination in life, and having the opportunity to sail away with my boat anywhere I want to go. I believe it’s not important to have a destination, but it is the direction that matters. If you only focus on the arrival of your destination, you will forget to enjoy the journey of life!


The truth about me is that I’m afraid of meeting myself and knowing my limits. Maybe I have to find the hero in me, to make a way in the jungle of my thoughts and discovering my unknowing self. But isn’t fear common to humans? Maybe we don’t have to over win it, but just enjoy it and  accept it as a part of us.


But let’s go back to the central question: Do I have goals in life?

Yes, I have got goals but not business or professional goals, I’ve only got life goals. I don’t want to reach happiness in life, I only want to reach satisfaction about my life. Because happiness is something for only short term periods, you can’t be happy 24 hours a day. I only want to be satisfied with my life.

So my goal is pretty clear: I want to live a life that gives me satisfaction.


But like Nietzsche once said: “Many are stubborn in the pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.”

I thought that the path leading to my goals was to study Office Management, graduate and start to work in the family business as an Office Manager.

Over the past year my outlook on life has changed, I have faced many different situations that weren’t easy for me. My mother was diagnosed with a terrible disease, which doctors say that she won’t live very long, I was in a terrible car accident in which I could have been killed are paralyzes. All these events forced me to stop and examine what I was doing.

Was I truly pursuing my goal? Or was I simply, stubbornly pursuing the plan that I’ve set for myself? Because there is a big difference between these two, one will help you to reach your dreams, the other might not!

That was the moment when I realised that I need to change my plan to reach successfully my goal.


I don’t get satisfaction from work-related things, maybe that’s why I don’t want to work or maybe if necessary part-time. What I do know is that I want to spend my time wisely, because I know life is too short to spend it on non importing things. Although my life wasn’t always easy, it has turned me into the person that I’m today.

When I have a difficult or hard time I always remember this story. It’s a wonderful story about someone who is looking back upon his life together with God. It’s about two pairs of footsteps in the sand, one pair of humans, and the other pair of God. In turbulent times there was suddenly only one pair visible. On the question of the man, why he wasn’t there when he had a difficult time, God answers: You’re seeing it wrong, because when you had a difficult time I was carrying you!

So this story actually means that sometimes you just need to let go of everything and surrender yourself to the people who love you!. It’s a story that I will always carry close to my heart.


When I was reading through my paper, I thought to myself, “Don’t I over think my life?” Maybe I just have to live it and stop thinking so much. But then I realised, that is the vital element the strongest point of a human, that’s what makes the difference between a human and an animal, so you can never ever think too much. It’s something we should cherish!





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